SITAC Park Berlin

SITAC Park Berlin represents a landmark development in the heart of Adlershof, strategically located just 5 minutes from Berlin Airport and a mere 20-minute drive to the city center. This visionary project by SITAC Group epitomises the fusion of innovation, sustainability, and a work-life balance ethos. Spread over a generous 50,000 sqm, the site is poised to host a diverse mix of tenants, offering state-of-the-art office spaces, commercial and retail areas, cutting-edge laboratories, and a supermarket.

Adding to its allure, SITAC Park is designed to cater to every aspect of daily work life, incorporating amenities such as cafes, gyms, libraries, and kindergartens within its premises. The external areas are meticulously planned to enhance the work experience, featuring a multi-cuisine food truck park and a wide array of sports facilities, including golf and climbing tracks. With good transport connectivity, including direct access to the city center and airport, SITAC Park is not just a place to work; it's a destination where innovation meets lifestyle.

Location & Catchment

Situated in Johannisthal, at the heart of Adlershof's bustling office center, adjacent to Eisenhutweg and the A113, near the serene Teltow Canal

Close proximity to Adlershof S-Bahn station, just a 7-minute commute away

Convenient access to Alexanderplatz

140,000 cars passing by daily guarantee good attention.

Immediate access to the A113 motorway

Swift connections to Berlin's central station and BER airport, approximately 15 minutes away, highlighting our location's prime access and convenience.

140,000 cars passing by daily guarantee good attention.

Neighbouring plots include Porsche, Audi & the recently completed Brainbox development

About Adlershof, Berlin

Adlershof, situated in the southeast of Berlin and bordering Brandenburg, is poised to be at the heart of a significant transformation, becoming a central figure in the region's development into a dynamic, innovative hub known as Neo City. This burgeoning area, extending from Ostkreuz to Neuköllner Hafen and further to Königs Wusterhausen and Grünheide, is distinguished by its vibrant, hybrid, and applied approach to urban development. Within this context, Adlershof emerges as the linchpin, leveraging its storied history as Berlin-Brandenburg's premier science and business location to foster growth and innovation.

Renowned as Science City, Adlershof is strategically positioned on the developmental axis linking Berlin's core to the Berlin Brandenburg BER Airport, accentuating its role as a beacon for companies with a penchant for research and technology. Despite the nearing capacity of building plots within Adlershof, its immediate vicinity, particularly along the railway line at the Johannisthal S-Bahn station, brims with potential for further developmental endeavors.

As Adlershof continues to evolve within the framework of Neo City, its significance is further amplified by the synergistic potential with thematic Neokieze like Airport City, Tesla City, and Neue Ufer Neukölln, among others. These collaborations promise to enhance the area's dynamic ecosystem, making Adlershof not only a core element of Neo City but also a model for future urban development.

Incorporating the essence of Neo City, Adlershof stands as a testament to the future of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. It is a beacon that attracts and nurtures the brightest minds and forward-thinking companies, setting the stage for a vibrant, interconnected future. This alignment with Neo City's vision underscores the area's pivotal role in shaping a new era of growth and prosperity for the region, making Adlershof an integral part of the broader narrative of transformation and advancement.