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The SITAC Group
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Established in 1978 and steered with foresight by Malvinder Singh, the SITAC Group has grown from its foundational roots as a construction company to a formidable force in the global real estate and renewable energy sectors.

Our journey has led to the assembly of extensive, institutionally sized portfolios, establishing us as major players in the landscapes we operate in.

With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye on expanding our reach, SITAC has solidified its position as a key player, driving growth and setting benchmarks in the development sectors we embrace.

across UK, Europe, Middle East & India
GDV of Real Estate Projects
A legacy of expertise spanning 40+ years.
Renewable Energy Projects
600 MW
across India
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The SITAC Core Principles

Embracing Scale in Our Ventures

We are dedicated to engaging in projects of significant scale that impact the industries and communities we are part of. Our focus on real estate and renewable energy ventures is marked by their substantial size and the meaningful difference they make.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Our approach is rooted in the strength of partnerships. We join forces with entities that share our vision for large-scale projects, leveraging collective strengths to achieve shared objectives and make substantial contributions to our fields of operation

Market Insight and Strategic Flexibility

With a keen understanding of market trends and a strategic approach to flexibility, we position ourselves to successfully undertake and complete significant projects, responding effectively to the opportunities and challenges of the evolving market landscape.

In the fabric of communities, every property we develop is a thread intertwined with sustainability, enhancing the landscape of tomorrow with the innovations of today.

Malvinder Singh